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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging As A Virtual Assistant

“Are there any advantages of having a blog on my virtual assistant website?”

“Should I own a blog as a virtual assistant”

These are some questions I have received from new virtual assistants and more established VAs who want to get more clients organically without relying on social media.

So I’ll say it at once. If you’ve ever wondered whether starting a blog is worth the effort, let me assure you – it absolutely is!

As virtual assistants, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our business and stand out in a crowded market. Social media can be a lot to handle if you’re an introvert like me. I’m not proud to say that the only time I actively post on social media is when I am managing a client’s page. I don’t know how I do it. Once I sign a contract with a client, the consistency spirit in me is magically activated while my own page suffers.

I believe that the only way I can consistently share content on social media is if I hire my own virtual assistant. 

Sorry. I digressed.

Did it ring true for you?

If it did then all hope is not lost. You can focus on your zone of genius and market your business organically through blogging.

Yes. Blogging can be your secret weapon to achieving just that and more. So, if you’ve been thinking about starting a blog but you haven’t been able to motivate yourself to start, let me give you compelling reasons why you should start blogging as a virtual assistant

9 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging As A Virtual Assistant.

blogging virtual assistant

1.) Lead Generation

Have you noticed that blog posts typically have a part where the author asks for your email address in exchange for a free thing? The free thing is called a lead magnet and its sole purpose is to magnet you (you are the lead). If you do a good job in your blog post and attach the right lead magnet, it’ll be a no-brainer for people to give you their email address to get their hands on more stuff from you. It’s just like when people read my blog post about how to become a virtual assistant and then see that I have a free email course that teaches step by step how to start their own virtual assistant business from scratch. 

See what I did there?

Adding a lead generating call to action on your blog post can help you get contact information and once they leave their information, you can nurture them to become paying clients through effective email marketing.

2.) It establishes you as an authority in your field and builds trust (aka it increases your steeze). 

One thing I have learned from sharing my knowledge in free content like this blog post you are reading is that people know you know your onions. They imagine, if you are giving all that info for free then paying you will bring even better results. Gatekeeping is never the answer. As an undergraduate this worked in my favour. I was always willing to help people out with school stuff and that earned me some respect. I didn’t start out trying to build authority or get people to respect me. But helping out whenever I could, worked wonders for me.

By constantly creating written content (blogs) that your target clients benefit from, you become an authority in their minds and they can easily become your clients. They start to know you, like you and trust you. Sharing your knowledge and insights on relevant topics will position you as an authority figure, earning the trust and respect of your audience. 

Trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship. Through your blog, you can showcase your expertise, share valuable tips, and establish a genuine connection with your audience, leading to increased trust and credibility.

Giving away good information in blogs excites and attracts an audience and you can convert this audience to clients. This is because clients trust information from blogs. So the more you offer valuable information on your blog, the more they trust you and are more likely to patronise you.

3.) Personal Development

Blogging isn’t just beneficial for your business; it’s also a fantastic tool for personal growth. When you write or blog continuously, your writing skills will improve greatly. It also builds your confidence and strengthens your weakness. As you get feedback from readers about your writing, you will be able to deal with flattery and criticism. You can transfer these improvements to your VA work too.

4.) It helps you build future clients

A recipe for going from feast to famine is forgetting to talk about your business while you are in your feast phase. Gone are the days of limiting your client pool to your immediate network. With a blog, you have the potential to reach a global audience. Share your posts on social media, engage with fellow bloggers, and watch your reach expand beyond borders. The people who have heard about or read your blog will be more receptive to doing business with you. So with your blog, you can reach out to potential customers that you haven’t even met. You can even build a waitlist of warm leads (in case you’re new in this online thing: warm leads are people who already know, like and trust you and would be more likely to work with you).

5.) It helps you reflect on your Virtual Assistant business.

I started my first blog on in 2017 and still go back to read some of my writing at the time. To say I have improved is an understatement. In my most popular blog post at the time (over 100 comments), I shared why self-hosting your blog was a dumb move. Now I am all for self-hosting your blog and even teaching people how to create websites from scratch etc.

Who knew I’d be standing on the opposite side of the aisle less than one year after I published that post? 

As you document your thoughts in writing over time, you can look back and see areas where you’ve improved. Your views can change as you progress and your business evolves.  Use your blog as a journal to document your journey, celebrate successes, and learn from challenges.

Have you seen those blog posts where people share “how I helped client xyz achieve ABC?” It’s a strategy. I do it too! They are celebrating their successes and potential clients will read those posts too.

6.) It help you show off your knowledge and personality

A blog post is not a press release. I am a big proponent of writing the way you talk. Right now my kids are watching Bluey with my live-in nanny while I try to catch up with my goal to write two blog posts weekly. Although this post isn’t going to get published this month, I am writing it in advance and will schedule it to get published automatically. 

This blog post can do without the previous paragraph but I like to talk about personal stuff in my blog posts. That’s why my ideal clients can relate to my writing. Let your personality shine through your blog! I cease every opportunity to inject my unique voice, experience and perspective into my writing and it does not only set me apart. It also makes me relatable to your audience. 

Your blog allows you to show off your knowledge, personality and that of your brand. With your blog, you can showcase what your skills are as a Virtual Assistant. This will make you earn people’s trust and expose you to your potential clients. Remember that people prefer to do business with other people they can relate to and trust.

7.) It helps you know current topics and issues relevant to your business as a Virtual Assistant. 

It’s a fast-paced digital world. Things are constantly evolving, so you have to research and get your facts right before publishing a blog post. This helps you stay abreast with current information. Sharing this information on your blog will position you as a knowledgeable thought leader in your niche, earning respect and admiration from peers and clients alike. This gives you competitive advantage, authority and credibility in your field.

Now who doesn’t want that?

8.) Optimize Your Website

Google loves fresh content so when you publish new content often, Google will know your website is active, love your website and reward you by showing it to more people. Blogging is a powerful tool for enhancing your website’s visibility and search engine optimization (SEO). However, the goal is not to aim for fresh content, it has to be relevant content as well. With SEO done well, you’ll have no problem getting virtual assistant clients organically.

9.) A Source of Passive income

Passive income is the ultimate goal of every online business owner who wants to build a legacy that outlives them. You can generate passive income by sharing your affiliate links to products and tools you recommend in your blog. You can also teach others how to set-up, write and edit blog posts and make passive income through e-books and courses. How about setting-up, writing and editing blog posts for your clients? Although that is active income, if you’re looking to offer blogging services, having a blog you consistently write on is a way to show potential clients what you can do for them.

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Wrapping up 

So, there you have it – nine compelling reasons why you should start blogging as a virtual assistant. Whether you’re looking to attract more clients, earn passive income, establish yourself as an industry expert. Or simply share your passion with the world, blogging offers endless opportunities for growth and success. 

Don’t wait any longer – if you already know how to write and would like to learn how to set up your virtual assistant business or learn how to create SEO blog posts. I am inviting you to join my membership for new serious and aspiring virtual assistants. As a member, you’ll get access to multiple training in different skills you can offer as a virtual assistant including how to build a WordPress website like this one you’re reading right now from scratch, how to build and online store, offer inbox and calendar management services and so much more.

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