Need Me To Hold Your Hand As You Become The VA of Your Dreams?

Get direct access to me, pick my brain and take the strategies and documents I use in my business. Stop worrying about processes, getting clients or setting up your business. Get my over the shoulder guidance and become the virtual assistant of your dreams!

Let Me Guess

You've always wanted to work from home and make good money on your terms

But you've gotten stuck in the reading and researching stage of your business that you just can't seem to move away from that to execution

You find yourself trying out every possible tool and trick, reading up on posts and signing up for webinars.

All that initial excitement to work online has been overtaken by overwhelm with everything you need to do and learn

It has become a rat race because there’s always something new a coach swears you need to figure out before you become successful...

You're not seeing the ROI on the time, effort and money you’re investing in your business.

You're drowning in information and your business is forever in 'launch' mode.

Deep down you don't really know what matters.. you have no clue what to focus on.

You’ve done so much research and consumed so much info you feel as if your head might explode...

Like you, most new and aspiring VAs truly have something great to offer but are caught in this endless cycle of pointless research that leads to analysis paralysis!

But why???

It's NOT because you don't want it badly...
It's NOT because you're not passionate about it as most gurus like to've got enough passion to want to make this work...

It's NOT because you don't like money

What you lack is the right info on what to do (not do) and when to do it to make your business legit and profitable.

I know, because I’ve been there... And I feel the frustration.

I know what it feels  like to:

  • Google what to charge as a Virtual Assistant and see $25hr as the average rate but no one is willing to pay you that in Nigeria.
  • Scroll through Google for hours with 50 chrome tabs opened, hoping to finally pick up advice that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together...
  • See a course you'd like to take but can't afford the $997 (at least 500K naira) it costs
  • Opt-in for every eBook, course or webinar on the "latest advanced strategy to grow a VA business".

Nodding yes? I feel your pain!

Because like past me, you have discovered that there's really no training by a Virtual Assistant in Nigeria for Virtual Assistants in Nigeria.

The sad truth is that you can work like a digital slave to start and grow your VA business but still get ZERO clients after 6months if you don't get the right guidance.

This is the reason I started sharing my knowledge online to help other new and aspiring VAs with my first hand experience of what works in Nigeria.

And that's why you are reading this today

That's why I started helping new and aspiring virtual assistants in Nigeria like you set up their businesses the right way, get clients and get paid.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Learn the critical mistakes to avoid at all costs and launch your business without the overwhelm and second guesses. 

Stop Wasting Time

You'll stop wasting time on the wrong things and focus on the right ones. 

Stop Guessing

Take the guess work out of the starting your virtual assistant business. And launch with 100% confidence that you'll get your return on investment.

Get Unstuck

Get unstuck and move forward with ease. You'll finally close the 50 tabs you have open on your browser and actually start working and making money as a VA

Here’s what people are saying...

She is a fantastic VA coach.!

I finally understand how to profile my ideal client to attract only the right people and the steps involved in setting up my business. If you're considering setting up a Virtual Assistant business in Nigeria, please go through the coaching with Rose. She is a fantastic VA coach. I still look forward to learning more from her.


you'll go from confused to coordinated

Initially I thought I didn't have enough to offer as a virtual assistant but Rose showed me that I had more than enough to offer with the skills I already have. I go to know how to setup my VA business the right way. You need Rose in your corner if you're looking to setup your VA business in Nigeria. She knows what she's doing and you'll go from confused to coordinated


What You'll Learn?


Module 1: Get The Basics

This module covers the basic things you need to know like who a Virtual Assistant is, how to choose a profitable a niche, what your services should be, what mindset you need to have to do well as a VA and so much more.


Module 2: Branding Your Business

This module will help you do everything from choosing your business name, deciding on your brand colors, logo, mission statement, elevator pitch to what you should write on your website.


Module 3: Packaging, Pricing And Payments

This detailed module covers what you should charge for your services, how to create and send invoices, how to package your services for better pricing, how to raise your rates and so much more.


Module 4: Marketing And Getting Clients

This module holds information on how to promote your business to attract the right clients and how to get your first client in as little time as possible


Module 5: Business Standard Operating Procedures 

This module focuses on managing clients, their work and expectations, how to on-board and off-board clients, how to handle difficult clients, must-have documents you need to run your business smoothly.


Module 6: Scaling Your VA Business

This module covers how to set up a Virtual Assistant Agency with a shoestring budget, working with subcontractors, making passive income.

About Your Coach

My name is Rose

This is the part where I introduce myself in the third person and tell you a very touching story about how I was drowning in a soul-sucking job and hated myself until I quit my job, became a virtual assistant and started making money in my sleep.

If you've been trying to earn a living online for up to one week now you should have heard the typical rags to riches story. Every digital entrepreneur and their dog has a perfectly crafted one they can recite in their sleep.

Well, I have never had a soul-sucking job.... except my PPA but NYSC doesn't count. I co-own a private medical laboratory with my husband and so I am still actively working as a medical laboratory scientist (whenever I choose).

So now that we've moved past the "aspire to perspire" part of my story....

Virtual assistant Rose Odoemelam

Here's what I really want to tell you today:

There’s a lot of noise out there.

A lot of resources you can turn to.

Millions of Google articles, hundreds of videos, countless people telling you “Make one million naira in 7 days with this trick...or that trick!” or telling you to bring two people to register under you to make money in your sleep.

Too much noise, am I right?

One of the biggest mistakes I made was listening to all the noise, and trying things I had no business trying. I’ve tried lots of strategies, tools etc. I’ve read hundreds of articles and watched hundreds of hours of video.

Phew! when I think about the amount of hours I spent listening to the noise, I feel like I wasted my life.

But here is what I promise. I’m here to cut straight through the noise.

My goal is to lay everything out for you, each and every step. No mumbo jumbo strategy 

I’ve listened to the noise, so you don’t have to.

Taking this leap to become a virtual assistant has changed my life. I can take my laptop/phone, and work from anywhere.

I've made a consistent 6 figure monthly income from my side hustle since I started my business over 4 years ago.

How amazing would it be to set your own hours, work from anywhere and still make money? Just think about it for a bit. If it sounds good to you. Then I'd love to help you.

Don't take my words for it, here’s what people are saying...

Blessing T.

Virtual Assistant

Her knowledge and expertise in the virtual assistant world is insurmountable.

Rose has really been a great help to me.
She has been a great source of inspiration and really good at what she does, and her knowledge and expertise in the virtual assistant world is insurmountable. I recommend her to all new, aspiring, and even experienced Virtual Assistants in Nigeria.


Virtual Assistant

It is clear to me that Rose knows her "onions" and she is an expert.

The mini Virtual Assistant training with Rose was highly instructive and engaging, She dealt with different topics; ranging from pricing, calculating work hours and how to deliver value to clients without losing your worth amongst others. It is clear to me that Rose knows her "onions" and she is an expert.

You Have 4 Choices

Give Up Right Away

You can keep convincing yourself that you don't have any skills people will be willing to pay for. You can keep sabotaging yourself because you are not an 'expert' and feel like a fraud.

Keep sleeping on a bike while so many people with less than half of your skills are making money online as Virtual Assistants.

Do It Yourself 

You can do it all by yourself. Continue to figure everything out on your own without expert guidance, confused by all of the options and wondering everyday what your next step should be. Make all the mistakes I made and lose money. Stay forever in launch mode. How much is your time worth?


You can hire a coach anywhere these days. After all, everyone and their dog is an online business coach.

Thing is, most of them have never really worked as Virtual Assistants in Nigeria. Needless to say a good coach will cost you NGN500,000 or more to share their secrets only for a short period.


You can choose to invest in yourself and build a profitable VA business that works around you, your values and your schedule in the next 7 days, 60 days or less.

Leverage PROVEN templates to write contracts, high-converting pitches, etc. for your first and 100th client, and get direct access to someone who has been there, done that.

All that for a TINY fraction of the cost compared to hiring a foreign coach, a general business coach or doing it yourself.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that you will love working with me once you invest and there’ll be no reason not to implement. But you might still have some hesitations about whether what you’re reading can work for you. My previous clients already know the value I provide so here’s my promise to you.

I won't take your money until I have spoken with you one-one-one and see that I can help. So if you're not absolutely sure about this. Maybe you should not work with me. That's why I don't just hand you a payment link immediately you're interested. You'll be required to apply, and from your answers, I'd know if we'd be a good fit or not. If we are a good fit, I'd get on a free one-on-one call with you to to answer your questions and handle all your fears and objections. I want you to be 100% sure that you are making the right decision because that's the only way to avoid buyers' remorse, implement like crazy and make the most of our time together.


One-on-One Coaching

This is perfect for you if you want my attention on your business and want a specific line of action based on your own experiences and skills that will bring you the results you desire.

It's premium access to me at 2:00AM or 2:00PM for up to 8 weeks. You'll leave with over 10 digital skills, hands on experience, a clear path of action and all the documents and processes pro virtual assistants have that make them charge much much higher than you, attract and retain the best clients.


Membership Access

This is perfect for you if you want to learn in-demand digital skills, get hands on experience as well as tailored support to set up your business. This offers flexible and affordable access to everything you need to start or grow your VA business. You'll leave with a clear path of action for your business and 

virtual assistant business setup

What will it be?

If you continue doing what you’ve always done, nothing will change. Your dream will remain unrealized and your frustrations will only increase as you go from month to month and as you let your skills lie fallow and unused.

True transformation begins with a decision to recognize your worth and profit off your skills and God given talents.

Rose opened my eyes to what I needed to focus on.

Most of the information I found online was not really focused on the Nigerian market. I randomly came in contact with The Rosepreneur website and it was a "voila" moment.

Rose is a GIVER! Anyone who freely shares information that should either be free/paid definitely has your best interest as heart. For a free consultation I  can't wait for what I would be getting when I do pay. I was worried about pricing and all, Rose opened my eyes to what I needed to focus on. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Oluwayemisi Odeyemi

The Rosepreneur Ltd