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Virtual Assistant Jobs Perfect For Students

One thing I wish I had started as an undergraduate is virtual assisting. Now I get emails almost every week from students asking if virtual assistance would work for them or affect their studies. 

The simple answer is yes. You can be a successful virtual assistant even as a student. It’s flexible, and you can decide how much work you are willing to take on based on your school schedule. So if you have exams you can decide to take a break for the duration of your exams. 

If you’d like to earn your own money and afford some things or even want to pay your way through school by yourself, then you’ll find these virtual assistant services perfect for students, helpful.

Don’t get caught up in the web of ‘I don’t have any skills’. In this post I’ll tell you how to get skills clients are happy to pay for but before that…

Here Are 10 Virtual Assistant Jobs For Students

virtual assistant jobs student

1.Social Media Management

Social media management is pretty hot now. You probably spend a lot of time on social media anyway. If you already love social media, maybe you could build a career out of it for yourself. As a student with a knack for social media, you can offer people a helping hand in managing their online presence. From creating engaging content to scheduling posts and interacting with followers, you’ll be the driving force behind their online success. Remember that this is as easy as slapping a couple of posts on a page and calling it a day. You’ll need a strategy and need to learn how to read insights and adjust accordingly.

2. Content Creation 

This is a very broad term so it covers a lot of skills. Writing, podcasting, video editing etc. If you’re someone who loves to play with words, why not turn your passion into profit? As a student content creator, you can craft compelling blog posts, articles, or social media captions that captivate audiences and drive engagement. Whether it’s writing about the latest trends, sharing insightful tips, or crafting catchy headlines, your words have the power to make an impact. You can also offer video editing services and get paid good money. You probably already edit your own videos.

3. Academic Assistance:

Academic assistance is another way you can make money online. My husband has a side hustle where he writes undergraduate and postgraduate academic papers for international students. It’s a good side hustle and he earns some dollars from there every month. My husband and I are both medical laboratory scientists but he writes for students even in the arts and social sciences. He has been doing this since 2015 and has perfected the skill.

You are in a school environment and can start from there. If you put your academic expertise to good use by offering virtual tutoring or academic assistance services to other students. Something a s simple as helping out with creating seminar slides could fetch you some money and if you have a network of students in other schools, there is no limit to what you can achieve..

4. Administrative Support:

Think inbox management, calendar management, data entry, research etc. Do you have experience in these areas? You can offer these services online in your spare time and make good money as a virtual assistant. 

This is really easy to do and has a low barrier to entry level as you already use some admin skills as a student.

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5. Graphic Design:

Canva canva canva! Do you have the eye for design? Canva is a freemium tool that helps you create a lot of designs for everything from ebooks, banners, social media graphics, company documents and even websites. 

You can put your creativity to work as a student graphic designer! From designing logos and social media graphics to creating marketing materials and website banners, your designs will help businesses and individuals stand out in a crowded digital world. The more you use the tool, the easier it will get. I’ve been using canva since 2017 and it is an indispensable part of my business.

6. Virtual Event Assistance:

Since the 2020 pandemic more and more organizations have embraced online learning. I’m guessing your school has as well or at least you have had to attend a seminar, class or conference online via zoom, Google meet etc. 

As a virtual event assistant, you can help with a lot of things like setting up virtual event platforms (e.g Google meet) and managing registrations, to providing technical support during the event, you’ll ensure that every virtual gathering runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Providing technical support can be as simple as pasting links in the comment section during the event, allowing people to join the session, taking minutes etc. Both Zoom and Google meet are very easy to use and are two of the most common video conferencing platforms today.

7. Language Translation or Transcription:

This is one skill I wish I had, or at least I could learn. I suck at languages. My tongue is very heavy and just doesn’t cooperate. Yes I am one of those people who can’t speak their dialect fluently. I tried, gave up and now I am trying again. I know learning my husband’s dialect is a lost cause so I have made peace with it and often ask him what the most fluent speakers of his language have benefitted from it. 

I’m not moved by the “village people will gossip in your presence and laugh at you” treats. They are village people for a reason. My brother on the other hand speaks English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. He even started learning Dutch a few weeks before he left the Netherlands. He even writes them! 

I could never! 

I’m sure if I tried, I would do so badly that the respective citizens of those countries would come together and beg me to give up. 

So if you’re fluent in one or multiple languages or have excellent listening and typing skills, you can offer language translation or transcription services. Whether it’s translating documents or transcribing audio or video recordings, your linguistic prowess will bridge communication gaps and make information more accessible. The best part is you’ll get paid a lot for your services.

8. Customer Support:

Some people just communicate so clearly! A new member in my membership program for new and aspiring virtual assistants just came to mind. If I have anyone looking for someone to help out with customer support, I’ll recommend her in a heartbeat. 

As a customer support virtual assistant, you can do a lot to earn money. Services like answering inquiries and resolving issues to provide product or service information, etc. This could be over email, phone or social media. Please note that this might not work well for you if the client requires you to work at specific hours which may clash with your school lecture time etc.

9. Website Management and Maintenance:

Website management and maintenance is a skill that will give you good money. You’ll publish blog posts (they can be written by you or someone else). You troubleshoot when they are technical issues and even optimize websites for search engines. Trust me, it’s very easy if you know what you’re doing.

10. Online Research:

Research is one course you must take as a student. Assignments, projects etc. will make you go online and research. Guess what? Research is also something you can get paid for as a virtual assistant. Market research, analyzing industry trends, gathering data for reports, etc. Your research will uncover valuable insights for businesses and individuals alike. Research may be as easy as googling a couple of ideas and giving your client feedback. Nothing fancy.

Final Words

Working as a virtual assistant is also relevant work experience for students who don’t have any experience to put on their CV after graduation. By offering these virtual assistant services, students can gain valuable work experience, develop essential skills, and earn income while juggling their academic commitments.

So, whether you’re passionate about social media, love to write, or excel in problem-solving, there’s a virtual assistant service that’s just perfect for you! And if you’d like to learn skills, gain hands-on experience before going out on your own or just want me to guide you to set up your own virtual assistant business, come and join my membership. It’s everything you need to launch your virtual assistant business as a student wrapped up with a big fancy bow. 

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