Get instant access to guides and plug-and-play templates to help you land your dream clients, on-board new clients, legally protect your  business, work with clients, get paid early etc. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time.

These templates and bundles will not only save you time and money in the long haul, they’ll make you look (and feel) like pro even if you just started your Virtual assistant business an hour ago.  All legal templates have been reviewed by a Nigerian lawyer so your business is safe. Just enter your business information and you’re ready to go!

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  • breaking up with client kit

    Breaking Up With Client Kit


    If you have a difficult client, too many clients or want to stop providing a particular service, you might need to break up with a client.

    Whatever the reason for your break up with a client, and regardless of who initiates the break up, this kit is what you need. You’ll receive three termination letters for three different scenarios that you can use in your Virtual Assistant Business. Copy, paste and customize them for your business.

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    Ideal Client Avatar Workbook


    The ideal client avatar workbook is designed to help virtual assistants and other virtual service providers like coaches, online business managers, bloggers etc. get clear on their ideal clients, know the exact way to communicate with them, know their favorite online hangout location, and their core frustrations so you can coin your marketing message and content to get them to know, like and trust you in as little time as possible.

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  • price increase notification

    Price Increase Notification Template


    This email/letter template gives you the exact words you need to write to your client to notify them of your price increase.

  • subcontractor agreement

    Subcontractor Agreement Template


    This subcontractor agreement template is designed for virtual assistants who decide to scale their businesses and hire other virtual assistants to work under them. A virtual assistant (contractor) may need to hire another virtual assistant (subcontractor) to work for her clients on her behalf instead of turning away more work from existing clients or turning away new clients.

  • virtual assistant toolkit

    The Virtual Assistant Toolkit


    A 100+ paged guide with over 300 free and low cost tools in over 40 categories specially researched and complied to make work easier for virtual assistants, content creators, coaches and DIY entrepreneurs.

  • virtual assistant agreement template

    Virtual Assistant Agreement Template


    Use this virtual assistant agreement template to protect yourself and your client while working online. Things don’t always go as planned so it is best to get a clear concise contract that has your back in case things go south.