Get instant access to guides and plug-and-play templates to help you land your dream clients, on-board new clients, legally protect your  business, work with clients, get paid early etc. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time.

These templates and bundles will not only save you time and money in the long haul, they’ll make you look (and feel) like pro even if you just started your Virtual assistant business an hour ago.  All legal templates have been reviewed by a Nigerian lawyer so your business is safe. Just enter your business information and you’re ready to go!

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  • breaking up with client kit

    Breaking Up With Client Kit


    If you have a difficult client, too many clients or want to stop providing a particular service, you might need to break up with a client.

  • canva ebook template

    Canva Ebook Template


    Want to get your ebook out, build authority online, earn passive income and save money while doing it? This Canva ebook template will make it happen in minutes. With this template, you don’t need to hire a designer and pay a lot of money, or start designing from scratch.

  • discovery call workbook

    Client Discovery Call Workbook


    This guide tells you exactly what to do before your call to “wow” your prospective client, what to say during the call to close the sale and what to do after.

  • client onboarding kit

    Client Onboarding Kit For Virtual Assistants


    Contains everything you need to onboard a client. It gives you access to the tools, processes, forms, and strategies you need to turn prospects to paying clients fast.


    Get More Work Template


    Getting people who have already had a taste of your expertise to give you more work is far easier than searching for new clients all the time. Use this to get more work from the clients you already have.

  • Getting Paid Kit


    Whether you are requesting payment for an overdue invoice, adding a late payment charge or letting your new client know how/when to pay you, this kit has a template for it all.

  • Ideal Client Avatar Workbook


    The ideal client avatar workbook is designed to help virtual assistants and other virtual service providers recognize their dream clients who are desperately in need of their help.

  • Instagram Canva Templates


    Take your social media game from zero to 100% in only 30 minutes a week! These social media canva templates are made to help you boost your authority social media without stress.

  • Offer Of Monthly Retainer Template


    Getting a handful of retainer clients will make sure you never run out of work to do. This template gives you proven words to get your clients work with you long term.

  • price increase notification template

    Price Increase Notification Template


    This template gives you the exact words you need to write to your client to inform them of your price increase without losing them

  • referral request kit

    Referral Request Kit For Virtual Assistants


    Get the client(s) you already have to do your marketing for you. Copy, paste, customize and send these emails to become a fully booked virtual assistant in 90 days or less.

  • services and pricing guide template

    Services And Pricing Guide Template For Virtual Assistants


    This services and pricing guide template is designed help you share your services, processes and prices professionally even if you don’t have a website.