Client Onboarding Kit For Virtual Assistants


Contains everything you need to onboard a client. It gives you access to the tools, processes, forms, and strategies you need to turn prospects to paying clients fast.

This Client Onboarding Kit is a simple, guide to help you manage your onboarding process from the first contact before you talk to your prospect and to turn them to happy paying clients.

This kit will keep you sane, and boost your onboarding confidence—and your client’s confidence in working with you.

It is designed for new and aspiring virtual assistants and is guaranteed to save you time, eliminate stress and frustration while making you look 101% professional.

It will help you automate only what needs automation because not every part of your onboarding process should be automated even if you can automate it.

This client onboarding kit for virtual assistants contains:

  • Client Onboarding Checklist: So you’ll know exactly what to do every step of the way
  • Client Onboarding Toolkit: This contains idiot-proof and either completely free or the most affordable onboarding tools you can find anywhere. You’ll get tools for scheduling calls, sending your forms, signing you contracts, creating your invoice, etc.
  • Welcome Email Template: For you to know what goes into the first email you send your new client
  • The Discovery Call Workbook: This will tell you exactly what to do before your discovery call, what to say during the call and what to do after to turn a prospect to a paying client fast.
  • Virtual Assistant Agreement Template: To keep your business legal and protect your interest at all times.
  • Virtual Assistant Agreement Amendment Template: For when you need to add or remove something from the initial agreement. You don’t need to send a fresh contract every time.



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