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I’m Rose, a virtual assistant in Nigeria. I help hustling millennials get their shit together, learn blogging and make money online

I won’t tell you the most cliché story of all time. You know the one about how every digital entrepreneur ever, quit their draining job, faced blogging full time, started making money in their sleep, got rich quick and are travelling the world? That one.

Instead, I’ll share my tips, tricks, wins and loses as a; 
  • Millennial trying to be all classy and shit.
  • Digital entrepreneur trying to get my shit together and make money online.

More importantly, I’ll teach you the idiot proof way to replicate my successes and avoid my failures, because (let’s pretend) I’m all you’ve got in this cut throat blogosphere.

Want to get your shit together and/or make money online?

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I want to...

Learn Blogging

I share Idiot proof blogging tips for beginners. Step by step guide on how to start and grow your blog

Become a Virtual Asssistant

I teach all the ways I make money online as a virtual assistant and how you can too.

Get Your shit together

I share tried and true productivity tips to help you get your shit together.

Work With Me

I work with creative entrepreneurs in their content creation process to help them save time, money, meet deadlines and skyrocket their productivity!

I understand that running a business that requires you to generate consistent content all the time can be overwhelming.

Most creative entrepreneurs are busy supporting clients, coaching, hosting offline workshops etc. to have time to even think about; writing on their website, nurturing leads, managing their social media accounts, creating an entire ebook/ecourse, or even designing their next e-book and its 3D cover. 

Honestly, most of them can do a lot of things by themselves if only they had an extra 50 hours everyday, had no family and friends to build relationships with, and needed no sleep or food to survive. But they don’t. So if this is something you struggle with, know that you are not alone. I can help in a couple of ways

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What Some Of My Clients Are Saying. . .

I discovered Rose on a WhatsApp group and signed up for a monthly retainer. Working with her has been such an amazing experience, we became a formidable team in such a short period. This is evident in how long we’ve been on this journey together (6 months as at the time of writing this) and still have a long way to go. She’s very affordable and saves me several hours every month! I would totally recommend her services to anyone who needs it! Well done Rose.​