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Overwhelmed Coach

Confused Virtual Assistant

You’re tired of all the generic information about making money online working as a virtual assistant. You are at you wits end and want a no fluff guide to help you launch and grow fast


I'm here to help you get your shit together + get shit done. So that you can step into the CEO that you are, and actually thrive online.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways

I work with coaches, consultants and course creators doing tasks they don’t know how to do, don’t like doing, or don’t want to do so they’re freed up to focus on the 20% work that brings 80% of the results in their business.

I also teach new and aspiring virtual assistants in Nigeria, how to start and scale their business even if they don’t have experience, a degree or any tech skills.

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"Okay Rose, how can you help me?"

Virtual Business Support

You already know every VA and OBM say working with them “saves you time so you can focus on your business”. WE. ALL. CLAIM. THIS. 

But if you’re any of the awesome Cs (Coach, Consultant, Course Creator) and are looking for:

You’re Looking For Me.

Virtual Assistant Coaching

Starting or growing a profitable Virtual Assistant business in Nigeria is hard. Stripe and Paypal won’t even let you accept payments.

Generic trainings are not only overpriced (due to exchange rates), they don’t answer your key questions because they don’t know what it really feels like to make a business work with all the odds stacked against you.

So what will you do? 

Will you Google nonstop with over 50 tabs opened on your browser, go into analysis paralysis and stay forever in launch mode. Confused by all the options every “guru” swears by? 

OR you’re ready to get tailored help to get shit done?


Working with Rose has been such an amazing experience, we became a formidable team in such a short period. This is evident in how long we’ve been on this journey together (6 months as at the time of writing this) and still have a long way to go. She’s very affordable and saves me several hours every month! I would totally recommend her services to anyone who needs it. Well done Rose!

Photo of Toyosi Jonah with her testimonial

Toyosi Gregory-Jonah

Founder, Fashion Biz Academy

I needed a social media manager for the first edition of my pet – project “Worship Evolution” in 2019 and Rose delivered beyond my expectations. She created contents from scratch, built my engagements by over 150% and tripled my followers in only one month! Though she was handling a personal project at the time, her ability to shuttle between that project and mine yet producing tremendous results for me was super amazing. This proved her high level of efficiency, dilligence, skill in managing situations and multitasking.

Purity Ekechi

Rose is a skilled, self- motivated Virtual Assistant for creative entrepreneurs. Her passion for providing value has made her alert to learn all the newest and updated strategies of digital marketing which has greatly robbed off on my digital marketing approach for my fashion business. Her ability to maintain all round success is applaudable. 

Esther Joseph