Getting Paid Kit


Whether you are requesting payment for an overdue invoice, adding a late payment charge or letting your new client know how/when to pay you, this kit has a template for it all.

Use these templates to send information about getting paid professionally.

You’ll receive 6 templates. Three templates for requests of unpaid/overdue invoices, a template notice on intended court proceeding, payment arrange form and sample invoice. All you have to do is copy, paste and customize them for your business.

This kit includes templates for the following:

  • Payment arrangement form so your client knows how and when you’ll receive payments from the get go
  • Unpaid/Overdue invoice notice for when you want to ask your client to pay you for work completed in a professional way (x3).
  • Notice of intended court proceedings so any slimy client who wants to reap you off will know you are a real business and not paying is not an option.
  • Sample invoice so you can get an idea of how your invoice should look


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