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Yes? Let me teach you how to start your virtual assistant business. You’ll learn how to turn your skills and expertise into a money making machine.

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Virtual assistant Rose Odoemelam

I'm Rose. A Blogger, Virtual Assistant and VA Business Coach

I became a Virtual Assistant by accident and made over 6 figures in my first year. Now I know that there are so many ways you can make money online with your phone/Laptop, an Internet Connection and the Skills you already have. 

I’m here to teach you how to start your Virtual Assistant Business which would enable you to work from anywhere even if you know next to nothing about the internet and are not a techie. 

So, if having a virtual assistant business, as a full-time or side hustle interests you and you want to find out how to make money working on your terms, I’ve got you covered. I’ve trained over 100 people on how to start their profitable VA business and would like to help you too.

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Rosie! This might be the end of the class but not the end of my endless mails to you. 

This makes perfect sense. I’ll really need the cold calling template. And more insight on how to bid on those platforms you mentioned as well as links to other VA I could connect with. I can’t wait to lay my bed well and start out already! 
Looking forward to learning more from you and doing more business with you! 
Thanks a ziiiiiilliiioooon! 😘


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virtual assistant toolkit eBook

Ready To Start Your Virtual Assistant Business? Get The VA Toolkit!

A guide containing all the over 100 Free and low cost tools I use in my VA business

If you are looking for free tools to help you start and grow your business, then this e-book is your sure guide. 

I shared every single beginner friendly tool I use to create content for my clients. Tools that make me look and feel like a techie.

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Ever Googled 'How to make money online?'

Yes? Me too! I found the compass and I'm living the dream! I want to help you start your virtual assistant business and make money with the skills you already have (and a few more). You deserve to live the life of your dreams.

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