Plans & Pricing​

My pricing plans are very simple. I have pre-defined rates for the tasks that vary depending on the volume of Virtual Assistant hours/requests you are purchasing. You can purchase hours/requests either in a bulk to complete one project or you can subscribe to my retainer package where you can avail my services for finite number of hours every month. You can use those hours to complete any of your tasks.

Monthly Retainer Plan

All retainer plans are designed to best fit your requirements and budgets, ranging from just 5 requests for a month, all the way up to a pay as you go plan. Each plan allows you to outsource your personal and business tasks to me, leaving you time to do what you want.

The monthly retainer plans/pricing are applicable only for VA services like ghost writing, email and social media management tasks. Any specialized services like e-course creation would cost more as they require specialized skills. (scroll down to see website design packages)

Starter friendly


NGN 20,000/month

Equivalent to
10 hours work
Maximum of
5 requests

Most Popular


NGN 35,000/month

Equivalent to
20 hours work
Maximum of
10 requests

Best Value


NGN 60,000/month

Equivalent to
40 hours work
Maximum of
20 requests

Most flexible


NGN 5,000/month

The above initial deposit is required every month as registration and tasks are billed based on work done from retainer price list

Need A Custom Plan Based On Your Needs?

If you can’t find any package to suit you, let me know. I will create a personalized package that works for you and your business.

Project Based Plan

Project based plans are for individuals who want virtual assistance on specific projects. I’ll undertake tasks from start to finish and you pay for that particular project. This plan offers you dedicated virtual assistance till the completion of the project.

Whether your project requires a few hours or several months to complete, you do not have to sign-up for monthly subscription plan. Contact me with the details of the task, including the time frame and the necessary skills involved. I’ll get back to you with a quote and the time estimate for your project as soon as possible. I however require a minimum of 50% of the total fee to be paid before I commence work, and the balance after I complete the job.

Website Design Packages

A website is your most important digital asset when it comes to digital marketing. You need a website in order to market digitally to your customers. Without it you’ll be wasting a lot of time and money on building up someone else’s empire. So let’s get you online!  Kindly confirm my availability before you buy a package

Basic Set Up

Starter friendly

Standard Set Up

Most Popular

Pro Set Up

Best Value

Need A Custom Web Design Package?

If you can’t find any package to suit you, let me know. I will create a personalized package that works for you and your business.

Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

Yes and no. Your unused requests expire at the end of the month except you are on the premium plan. Terms and conditions apply

Yes, you can. You can make an additional request without upgrading to a higher plan. 

I understand that things can come up that need urgent attention and I am willing to help. However, you’ll be charged 1.5 times the amount for the task.

No it is not. The registration fee you pay is to get access to retainer prices (discounts) for any tasks you might need in the course of the month. You will only pay for work done, without taking on any hours you might not use. It is requires a monthly renewal.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Kindly contact me via email.