If you're ready to start or grow your virtual assistant business, you're in the right place.

Learn how to start or grow your virtual assistant business even if you are a stay at home mum, 9 to 5er, corp member, fresh graduate, student or 70years old! You don't need to have a degree or a laptop to start. 

Put a finger down if any of the points below sounds familiar

You've googled "how to make money online" a couple of times

You've been hearing that people are making a lot of money working online but it hasn't happened for you yet,

You've always wanted to work from home and make good money on your terms.

But you've gotten stuck in the reading and researching stage of your business that you just can't seem to move away from that to execution

You've taken a masterclass or course that promised a lot but didn't quite do it for you..

Everything is becoming overwhelming because there's so much you need to know.

You wanted to do this last year but it didn't work out. 

Fear is creeping in even if you know that you have a skill people need. You just need to know how to package it

You are not a tech person and feel overwhelmed with the whole idea of doing everything online.

You feel like you might just fail at this too and your parents and loved ones have told you to be careful of online scammers.

How Many Fingers Do You Have Down? 5, 7, 10?..... If you're anything like  the awesome women I talk to

You already know that you need help to figure out this online business thing

You aren't reading this for me to convince you to work with me or tell you why enrolling for a course isn't better.

You don't have time to implement generic strategies. You need someone to look under the hood of your own specific business and unique skills and help you go from famine to feast fast.

You are not looking for freebies and are really serious about doing this online business thing.

You need a laser focused no fluff and orishishi support to build a sustainable virtual assistant business.

In fact, what attracted you to my website and all the words you've been reading since is the fact that I tailor everything to the Nigerians.

And don't get me started on the cost of coaching in the diaspora. $2,500 isn't a lot of money for the support they provide. If they charge $10,000 I'm sure it will be worth it. But sis, that's not affordable for the average Nigerian.

I know you want this. You're passionate about it and really want things to work out but you can't cough out that amount right now. That's why I decided to put this together wrap it in a bow and help you become a VA in 321

The VA in 321 Program

Our unique realities in Nigeria is why I started helping new and aspiring virtual assistants in Nigeria like you set up their businesses the right way, get clients and get paid.

Here’s what people are saying...

She is a fantastic VA coach.!

I finally understand how to profile my ideal client to attract only the right people and the steps involved in setting up my business. If you're considering setting up a Virtual Assistant business in Nigeria, please go through the coaching with Rose. She is a fantastic VA coach. I still look forward to learning more from her.


you'll go from confused to coordinated

Initially I thought I didn't have enough to offer as a virtual assistant but Rose showed me that I had more than enough to offer with the skills I already have. I go to know how to setup my VA business the right way. You need Rose in your corner if you're looking to setup your VA business in Nigeria. She knows what she's doing and you'll go from confused to coordinated


What You'll Learn?


Week 1: Get The Basics

During our first coaching session together,  we'll cover the basic things you need to know like who a Virtual Assistant is, how to choose a profitable a niche, what your services should be, what mindset you need to have to do well as a VA and so much more.


Week 2: Branding Your Business

We will help you do everything from choosing your business name,  deciding on your brand colors, logo, mission statement, elevator pitch to what you should write on your website.


Week 3: Packaging, Pricing And Payments

This week covers what you should charge for your services, how to create and send invoices, how to package your services, what goes into a package and the types of packages you must have in your business, how to raise your rates and so much more.


Week 4: Marketing And Getting Clients

Our fourth week together, we'll focus on how to promote your business to attract the right clients and how to get your first client in as little time as possible. We'll also explore various content marketing avenues.


Week 5: Business Standard Operating Procedures 

This week focuses on managing clients, their work and expectations, how to on-board and off-board clients, how to handle difficult clients, must-have documents you need to run your business smoothly (all must-have documents will be provided for you for free if you choose the advanced or deluxe plans).


Week 6: Scaling Your VA Business

Week six is our final learning week together,  we'll cover how to set up a Virtual Assistant Agency when you're on a shoestring budget, working with subcontractors, how to set up passive income sources etc.


Week 7 & 8: Review Of Systems and Processes

In our final week together, we'll review the systems, processes, and everything we've set up for your business. You are at liberty to set up your sixth coaching call in the 7th or 8th week. We'll look at what's already working, what needs fine-tuning, etc.

Don't take my words for it, here’s what Blessing said...

Blessing T.

Virtual Assistant

Her knowledge and expertise in the virtual assistant world is insurmountable.

Rose has really been a great help to me.
She has been a great source of inspiration and really good at what she does, and her knowledge and expertise in the virtual assistant world is insurmountable. I recommend her to all new, aspiring, and even experienced Virtual Assistants in Nigeria.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that you will love working with me once you invest and there’ll be no reason not to implement. But you might still have some hesitations about whether what you’re reading can work for you. My previous clients already know the value I provide so here’s my promise to you.

I won't take your money until I have spoken with you one-one-one and see that I can help. So if you're not absolutely sure about this. Maybe you should not work with me. That's why I don't just hand you a payment link immediately you're interested. You'll be required to apply, and from your answers, I'd know if we'd be a good fit or not. If we are a good fit, I'd get on a free one-on-one call with you to to answer your questions and handle all your fears and objections. I want you to be 100% sure that you are making the right decision because that's the only way to avoid buyers' remorse, implement like crazy and make the most of our time together.

Don’t wait! I'm not going to drag you kicking and screaming.

This is the part where I threaten you that only few spaces are left or that I'll increase my price. Hehehe....I don't have to fake scarcity to make you sign up in a hurry. I'm sure you've seen a lot of that on Facebook Ads and the likes.

However, in order to support my family and keep the lights on in my business, I might have to raise my prices to stay profitable and reward early action-takers. My rates may increase later today, tomorrow, next week or next month. As at the time of writing this, I don't know for sure.

So fair warning, this incredible price you see below will disappear anytime. Don’t let it slip away and end up blaming your village witches. Only you can make this decision for yourself! Anyone who knows me well, knows that my prices are like my age, once it goes up, it never goes down. So what you're seeing today, is the least price it will ever be.

Rose opened my eyes to what I needed to focus on.

Most of the information I found online was not really focused on the Nigerian market. I randomly came in contact with The Rosepreneur website and it was a "voila" moment.

Rose is a GIVER! Anyone who freely shares information that should either be free/paid definitely has your best interest as heart. For a free consultation I  can't wait for what I would be getting when I do pay. I was worried about pricing and all, Rose opened my eyes to what I needed to focus on. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Oluwayemisi Odeyemi

Pricing Plan




Most Popular

  • Seven 60 minutes calls
  • Custom Action Plan so you know exactly what to do to see growth
  • A recording of each call to refer back to anytime
  • WhatsApp and Email Support  Between Calls
  • Accountability
  • VIP Access For 60 Days
  • Ideal Client Avatar Workbook
  • VA Agreement
  • VA Toolkit
  • Essential business documents and templates




Best Value

  • Everything in Advanced Plan
  • 5 Paged VA Website (with content provided by you)
  • Ecommerce enabled so that you can sell your own digital products
  • 2 Weeks Post-Website Launch Support
  • One 60 minutes website strategy call




Second payment is due after 30 days

  • Seven 60 minutes calls
  • WhatsApp and Email Support Between Calls 
  • Accountability
  • VIP Access  For 60 Days
  • VA Agreement
  • Essential  documents worth 15K




Second payment is due after 30 days

  • Everything in the Advanced plan
  • 5 Paged VA Website
  • Ecommerce enabled so you can sell digital/physical products
  • 2 Weeks Post-Launch Support For Website
  • One 60 minutes website strategy call

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If you already have a thriving VA business with more than enough clients that pay you heavily, and know that there's nothing more to learn...Then this is NOT for you!

But since you've read this far...

Don’t spend another minute stalking my content and re-reading this page. 

I believe you want to adopt my proven strategies and templates and make them your own. You want a clear sense of direction and inspiration for launching and scaling your virtual assistant business in Nigeria. So all you need do is trust yourself enough to apply. 

You’re still reading this page because you want this.

Who better to hold you by the hand and teach you how to setup a profitable VA business in Nigeria from scratch, than a VA in Nigeria?

There’s no info of what worked 15years ago. Everything is new, fresh and made just for you. You finally don’t have to search through 1,000’s of content, sit through hours of webinars and YouTube videos and try 100s of tips other VAs swear by to get the advice that works in Nigeria.

Get Expert Support! 

The Rosepreneur Ltd