How To Get Your First (Or Next) 100 Email Subscribers In 7 Days Or Less

What You’ll learn in this free challenge:

The No 1 thing you must do before you start building your list to make it profitable

How to take advantage of others to grow your email list and authority online. 

Tools you need to grow your email list fast even if you are not a techy

The types of emails to send to make your subscribers know, like and trust you

3 Fatal mistakes people make when building their email list

The magic words to use to make your target audience give you their email address


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My Name Is Rose. I'm Going To Be Your Instructor

Building an email list can be hard. I have tried and failed before so I know firsthand. In one year I had less than 10 people on my list and no reply to the emails.

Thankfully, things have changed. I implemented a strategy that turned things around. This strategy has not only helped me build a profitable list for my virtual assistant business, but helped build engaged email lists for my clients. I can't wait to share this step-by-step strategy to help you get subscribers that are excited about working with you and learning from you inside this challenge.

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