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Want To Learn How To Work From Home And Make Money Online In 6 Weeks?

Register for the dreamer to doer group coaching program. You'll learn, network and grow in a small group of 5-10 new virtual assistants, just like you.

If your goals for the second half of this year include:

  • Starting your own work from home business and enjoy more flexibility instead of struggling in a job you hate.
  • Finally getting off your ass and doing the work to help you make money online instead of Googling nonstop and wishing for it to happen for you
  • Attracting clients who respect you and are willing to pay premium prices for your services and who will send you love letters for doing what you're already good at for them
  • Figuring out the exact services you can provide today to make money based on the unique skills and experiences you already have.

Then getting help from someone who has achieved what you're looking to achieve will shorten the time it takes to succeed.

There's no need trying and failing and hoping and praying when God has strategically placed me within your reach to help you succeed online.

You don't have to do it alone. There's a simple and surefire way to start earning online and I'll show you in the group coaching program starting 18th July!

Here’s what people are saying...

She is a fantastic VA coach.!

I finally understand how to profile my ideal client to attract only the right people and the steps involved in setting up my business. If you're considering setting up a Virtual Assistant business in Nigeria, please go through the coaching with Rose. She is a fantastic VA coach. I still look forward to learning more from her.


you'll go from confused to coordinated

Initially I thought I didn't have enough to offer as a virtual assistant but Rose showed me that I had more than enough to offer with the skills I already have. I go to know how to setup my VA business the right way. You need Rose in your corner if you're looking to setup your VA business in Nigeria. She knows what she's doing and you'll go from confused to coordinated


This is the part where I introduce myself in the third person and tell you a very touching story about how I was drowning in a soul-sucking job and hated myself until I quit my job, became a virtual assistant and started making money in my sleep.

If you've been trying to earn a living online for up to one week now you should have heard the typical rags to riches story. Every digital entrepreneur and their dog has a perfectly crafted one they can recite in their sleep.

Well, I have never had a soul-sucking job.... except my PPA but NYSC doesn't count. I co-own a private medical laboratory with my husband and so I am still actively working as a medical laboratory scientist (whenever I choose).

Now that we've moved past the "aspire to perspire" part of my story....Here's what I really want to tell you today:

During the pandemic in 2020, I realized that what I started on a whim had suddenly become 'hot cake'.

A lot of people needed virtual assistants.

And as the demand increased, the noise about digital entrepreneurship increased. People wanted to learn how to make money online too.

Makes sense since the world was literally on a lock down.

There’s a lot of noise out there.

A lot of resources you can turn to.

Millions of Google articles, hundreds of videos, countless people telling you “Make one million naira in 7 days with this trick...or that trick!” or telling you to bring two people to register under you to make money in your sleep.

Too much noise, am I right?

One of the biggest mistakes I made was listening to all the noise, and trying things I had no business trying. I’ve tried lots of strategies, tools etc. I’ve read hundreds of articles and watched hundreds of hours of video.

Phew! when I think about the amount of hours I spent listening to the noise, I feel like I wasted my life.

But here is what I promise. I’m here to cut straight through the noise.

My goal is to lay everything out for you, each and every step. No mumbo jumbo strategy.

I’ve listened to the noise, so you don’t have to.

Taking this leap to become a virtual assistant has changed my life. I can take my laptop/phone, and work from anywhere.

I've made a consistent 6 figure monthly income from my side hustle since I started my business over 4 years ago.

How amazing would it be to set your own hours, work from anywhere and still make money? Just think about it for a bit. If it sounds good to you. Then I'd love to help you.

The Dreamer To Doer Group Coaching Program

In just 6 weeks you'll not only learn how to set up your own virtual assistant business but actually do it. I want you to go from dreamer to doer.

It is a doing program so there'll be a lot of action taking. You'll set up your business to attract premium clients on autopilot, learn how to talk to them, and even how much to charge them.

Get ready to secure the bag this year because at the end of 6 weeks you'll not only have an actual business (finally!), but you'll have a road map of what to do moving forward.

Ready to start your own business and make money working online?

Save your seat! Only 10 spots are available and they will go fast. If you are waiting for a sign to take a chance on yourself, this is it. God puts opportunities like this in your face for a reason. Registration will stay open until the timers strikes zero or until the first 10 people reserve their seats (which ever happens first). Don't wait!

Registration closes July 15 2022


You missed out!

Best Program For New Virtual Assistants - Limited Spots Available


What you’ll discover inside this program:

  • How to identify your best fit clients so that you position yourself to attract them - without chasing them

  • How to decide on the services to provide based on your experience, strengths and unique situation.
  • How to build an irresistible brand. It's not just colours and fonts
  •  How to price your services, what to do when someone says "your prices are too high", how to raise your rates if you already have clients, how to package your services to attract deep pocket clients.
  • How to market your services (everything from your social media content, website copy, emails etc.) that only speaks to your dream clients, enticing them to take action immediately.
  • My processes for dealing with prospects, onboarding them so that we become business besties fast and they never want to go back to the time before they started working with me.
  • How to upsell clients and add more money to your bottom line on your 15 minutes discovery calls.
  • How to create passive sources of income so that you can enjoy the sweetness of making money in your sleep
  • How to collect payments, issue receipts, manage your money and curb hidden business expenses.

It is clear to me that Rose knows her "onions" and she is an expert.

The mini Virtual Assistant training with Rose was highly instructive and engaging, She dealt with different topics; ranging from pricing, calculating work hours and how to deliver value to clients without losing your worth amongst others. It is clear to me that Rose knows her "onions" and she is an expert.


Virtual Assistant

How Much Does It Cost?

I could easily charge you NGN150,000 for this and it will be well worth it. The value of what you are getting is over NGN500,000. 

Read that again.... S L O W L Y.

But I will not be giving it to you at that price.

FULL DISCLOURE: This is the first time I am putting together a program like this so that means there's a 99% chance that I will increase the price by the next cohort. I'm testing it out and putting it at this price in order to get the first set of people in the program who (I hope) will give me testimonials after going through the program.  I intend to use the testimonials to market this very program more, and charge more.

That said, I won't ask you to pay NGN150,000 or even a quarter of NGN150,000.



NGN 150,000

NGN 30,550

  • Weekly coaching calls for 6 weeks
  • Support group for feedback in between sessions
  • One year access to replays
  • All the documents you need to set up your business
  • LIVE Q and A sessions
  • A clear plan of action even after our time together

Today could be the day you change your life and pivot your life for a much better future or NOT.

Can you not invest less than your lunch money for a few weeks in your own education and progress?

Is your financial future not worth more than a plate of jelof rice?

I strongly believe that the information you'll get by working with me will help you just as it helped others before you.

Registration will close July 15 2022


You missed out!

Rose opened my eyes to what I needed to focus on.

Most of the information I found online was not really focused on the Nigerian market. I randomly came in contact with The Rosepreneur website and it was a "voila" moment.

Rose is a GIVER! Anyone who freely shares information that should either be free/paid definitely has your best interest as heart. For a free consultation I  can't wait for what I would be getting when I do pay. I was worried about pricing and all, Rose opened my eyes to what I needed to focus on. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Oluwayemisi Odeyemi

Limited Spots Available. Don't procrastinate!

This is your chance to start working from anywhere and make money on your own terms

The Rosepreneur Ltd