Have questions about starting or growing Your Virtual Assistant Business in Nigeria?

I finally understand how to profile my ideal client to attract only the right people and the steps involved in setting up my business. If you're considering setting up a Virtual Assistant business in Nigeria, please go through the coaching with Rose. She is a fantastic VA coach. I still look forward to learning more from her.


Rose Odoemelam

Here's How It Works

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Apply for the call below and I will send you an email with more instructions and a link to my booking system.

What Happens During the Call

During the call, I will answer your pressing questions and allow you pick my brain to solve one or two pressing issues you have and refer you to any of my free or paid programs to help you get the results you desire in your VA business.

What Changes After the Call

You will get a clear and unique action plan with the next small step you can take immediately to start or scale your VA business in Nigeria.

Hey hey, I'm Rose.

Starting or growing a VA business in Nigeria is hard work. There's so much generic information about what VAs should charge or do online. I focus on what you can do as a VA in Nigeria because that's what you need. So, if having a virtual assistant business, as a full-time or side hustle interests you and you want to find out how to make money working on your terms, I’ve got you covered.  It doesn't matter if you don't have a degree or a laptop. And also doesn't matter if you are a student, stay at home mum, 9 to 5er, corp member, fresh graduate or 70years old!

As long as you can read this page, learn, unlearn and are ready to put in the work. I want to talk to you.

I’ve trained over 300 people and would like to help you too.

See What Others Are Saying 

Initially I thought I didn't have enough to offer as a virtual assistant but Rose showed me that I had more than enough to offer with the skills I already have. I go to know how to setup my VA business the right way. You need Rose in your corner if you're looking to setup your VA business in Nigeria. She knows what she's doing and you'll go from confused to coordinated

Chisomnazu Okorie

Understanding the Virtual Assistant business was overwhelming but after consulting with Rose, I was at ease. Her passion for getting me on track was beyond perfect. Now I know the exact direction I need to go to succeed. If you're looking to setup your A business in Nigeria, then booking a session with Rose is a no brainer. She definitely knows her onions.


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Please note that the free 15 minutes consultation is subject to this application. I need to make sure we are good fit and that at least one of my programs will be helpful to you.

Once I receive your application, I will send you an email with more instructions and a link to my booking system.

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